Spotter Jay

Snap Spotter Jay taking part in invasive species activities across BC for Canada's 150th!

From May 1 to August 31, 2017, we are challenging BC communities and citizens to snap Spotter Jay taking part in 150 invasive species activities across BC, in the lead up to Canada's 150th birthday. Help bring Spotter Jay to your favourite outdoor places - in your park, school, or favourite recreation areas. Spotter Jay will help us SHOW our communities and citizens various invasive species in BC and how each of us can prevent the spread of invasive species.

How to Take Part

  1. Download the Spotter Jay PDF and print Spotter Jay
  2. Colour and cut out Spotter Jay
  3. Bring Spotter Jay with you to spot invasive species in your neighbourhood or to show how to prevent the spread of invasive species
  4. Write the Spotter Jay activity in his picture frame
  5. Take a photo of Spotter Jay in action!
  6. Submit a photo of your Spotter Jay activity to ISCBC. Email your photo with your name and location to anytime between May 1 and August 31, 2017*
  7. Repeat - send us a photo of a different Spotter Jay activity as often as you like!

If you or a family member is on social media, spread the word by sharing your photo on social media channels. Where appropriate, use the hashtags #SpotterJay. ISCBC will feature all #SpotterJay posts and email submissions on our social media channels and website.

We want to see an array of coloured Spotter Jays taking part. There is NO LIMIT to the number of different Spotter Jays you can send - all will be featured!

Activity Ideas

Show us Spotter Jay participating in invasive species prevention activities and invasive species identification (spotting)!

  • Spotter Jay goes with bike rides and points out to muddy/seedy tires to be cleaned
  • Spotter Jay goes boating and reminds all boaters to Clean Drain Dry their boats!
  • On a dog walk Spotter Jay spots burs to be removed 
  • Spotter Jay spots invasive plants
  • Spotter Jay helps with pulling an invasive plant
  • Spotter Jay stops someone from emptying a fish tank into a pond

If you aren't sure how to spot an invasive species or what to do with it, have a read here.

If you aren't familiar with programs to help prevent the spread of invasive species, check these out:

Families, Teachers, Educators!

Ask your school, youth group or family to get involved in the “BC Invasives Spotter Jay 150 Challenge”. Teachers, download the Spotter Jay PDF and print for your class. Kids can take it home to colour or at school colour together as a group activity. Groups, schools or families - bring Spotter Jay with you on walks and outings and take a picture of an activity to stop the spread of invasive species with Spotter Jay.

Remember - We want to see an array of coloured Spotter Jays taking part. There is NO LIMIT to the number of Spotter Jay activities you can send to be featured!

Common Invasive Species to Look For

Check this page for links to many more of BC's invasive species.

Help us Reach 150 Spotter Jay Activities!

Print out a number of Spotter Jays and bring them with you! Change Spotter Jay's colour and activity every time you head outdoors. Bring him on hikes, canoeing, camping and more!

For more information on Spotter Jay, contact Sue at

*By emailing your photo to ISCBC you are providing this property to ISCBC who can then choose to publish this photo e.g. to post this photo on ISCBC's websites and social media channels.

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