Whether you use a tent, RV, or nothing but the clear blue sky, it's important to not accidentally move invasive species from place to place, particularly in firewood. Here are a few steps you can take to help prevent the spread of invasive species.

1. Come clean
Before leaving home, take a little time to inspect and remove dirt, plants, and bugs from clothing, boots, gear, pets, and vehicles.

2. Buy it Where you Burn it - Use only local or certified firewood 
Before camping, check for any firewood restrictions at your intended campsite. Shop ahead of time to locate a source of firewood near your campsite. Burn all of the wood you bring or leave it with the campsite host. Learn more about Buy it Where you Burn it—Don't Move Firewood

3. Use weed-free or certified hay
Use weed-free hay when horseback riding or using hay for other purposes. When using hay for other purposes and weed-free hay is not available, use straw because it is less likely to carry weed seeds.

4. Stay on designated trails
Stay on the designated trail when walking, hiking, biking, or riding your horse or OHV.

5. Leave clean
Before leaving your campsite, inspect your belongings and remove any dirt, plants, or bugs. Invasive plant seeds can be stuck on you or your belongings. Likewise, pests that attack trees can hide in firewood that you bring home. Weed seeds in infested hay can be blown offsite as you move down the road or left behind in animal waste.

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