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The various impacts of invasive species – economic, environmental and social – affect all British Columbians. So we all have plenty at stake and slowing the spread of invasive species and mitigating their impacts is something we can all help with by taking action wherever we find ourselves.

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The choices you make at home, at work, within your community and the outdoors, and even while you're travelling can have a lasting impact on your neighbourhood and beyond. Here are resources and easy steps you can take to help protect BC's valuable natural resources from the harmful impacts of invasive species.

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Early detection is critical to stopping the spread of invasive species. You can help detect and locate new infestations of invasive species, particularly those capable of significant environmental or economic harm. If you see a plant that looks ‘out of place’ or a creature you don’t recognize and have concerns about, we encourage you to report it How you can report invasive species:  Report-Invasives BC Phone App Report-A-Weed BC Phone App Report-A-Weed tool in the online IAPP Map Display application Online Report Form Visit to access these reporting tools. Other ways you can report include: Phone…

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Become a member of the Invasive Species Council of BC and help protect healthy landscapes, habitats and communities free from invasive species. Prevention and education are key to protecting BC’s vast outdoor beauty, clean air and fresh water. The ISCBC is supported and guided by dedicated and passionate members and invite you to join the ‘team’.  From scientists to business leaders, governments to community representatives, rural to urban - all are actively involved in ISCBC’s vision is to ensure a future of healthy landscapes and communities free of invasive species. Join us today to ensure this vision becomes a reality. Our Membership Structure Following…

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ISCBC and its partners are deeply committed to restoring and protecting British Columbia’s communities and natural environment to optimal health. It is a net gain for all of us: for our pocketbooks, for our kids’ and communities’ well-being, and for the myriad native species that make up a healthy, productive British Columbia. Donate to ISCBC and Invest in BC’s Future Today Your donation or sponsorship can be directed to specific projects or to the “area of greatest need” fund. Both will support ISCBC’s program priorities and will work towards creating a province that’s healthy, ecologically balanced and economically productive. ISCBC…

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