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You are invited to join the growing team of “Spotters” who are part of BC's Spotter's Network! Volunteers around the province are actively helping to report and respond to invasive species—and you can too!

First, JOIN the Spotter's Network so we can get in touch with you.

Next, we encourage you to attend any or all five FREE workshops (read below for details) that interest you or your organization. These workshops will inform you about the invasive plants affecting your area and how you can help respond as a “Spotter” for BC!

Spotters’ Network Workshops

Spotters Network Workshops are FREE 1-1.5 hour sessions designed to enable community groups or organizations to learn about local invasive plants including identification, management, and reporting. Workshop materials and resources are publicly available and apply to all communities across BC. Workshops can be tailored to focus on regionally important invasive plants.

Workshop packages include a “How To” guidebook and Powerpoint presentation, including speaking notes. Visit How to Host a Spotters Workshop for downloadable presentations and supporting notes. Five workshops are available:

  • Invasive Plants 101
  • Aquatic Invasive Plants
  • Agriculture and Range Invasive Plants
  • Horticultural Invasive Plants
  • Aboriginal People and Invasive Plants

Spotters’ Network Workshops aim to increase the number of informed “Spotters” who are on the alert for new and spreading invasive plants by creating a province-wide network and searchable database.

Once an invasive plant is spotted and identified, you can easily report your findings by calling the ISC at 1-888-933-3722, contacting your Regional Invasive Species Committee, and/or entering your data into the Province's Invasive Alien Plant Program (IAPP) database.

Click here to find out all you need to know to participate in or host a Spotters Network Workshop.


Spotters Network Workshops were developed as part of the two-year (2009-2010) Eyes Across BC program. The Eyes Across BC, province-wide program focused on community-based environmental stewardship while increasing awareness and understanding of invasive plants. During this program, the province-wide hotline was established and continues to perform an important role in reporting invasive species across BC (1-888-933-3722).

Thank you to the following funding partners for your support of the Spotters Network!

Become a Spotter’s Member

Thank you for joining the Spotter's Network.  For program purposes, contact information that you provide will be used to track participation, coordinate giveaways and provide resources (powerpoints and presentation notes), as well as offer support through the process. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Participate in Spotter’s Network Workshops

Who can Participate in Spotter's Network Workshops? Spotter’s Network Workshops benefit community organizations that are interested in gaining knowledge of invasive plants. These workshops are designed for a variety of groups, including: Non-profit societies and charities Outdoor recreation clubs 4-H clubs Girl Guides, Scouts, and Cadets Community sports teams/groups Equestrian clubs Farmers and ranchers Gardening and landscaping clubs Environmental stewardship groups Recreational property owners School groups If you have a basic understanding of invasive plants, horticulture, forestry or ranching, you are welcome to deliver this workshop on your own behalf; however, we strongly encourage you to contact your regional organization for direction…

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Host a Spotter’s Network Workshop

What you will need to host a Spotter's workshop.

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