Early detection is critical to stopping the spread of invasive species. You can help detect and locate new infestations of invasive species, particularly those capable of significant environmental or economic harm. If you see a plant that looks ‘out of place’ or a creature you don’t recognize and have concerns about, we encourage you to report it

How you can report invasive species: 

  • Report-Invasives BC Phone App
  • Report-A-Weed BC Phone App
  • Report-A-Weed tool in the online IAPP Map Display application
  • Online Report Form

Visit to access these reporting tools.

Other ways you can report include:

Invasive species tend to pop up in areas that we frequent – like dog walking trails and local parks, or along roadsides and in ditches. Basically anywhere we go – they might come too, so taking extra precautions and reporting what you see, is a great way to help – so thank you for taking that step!

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