Key Priorities for 2019

ISCBC’s 2017-2021 Business Plan identifies two key directions that guide our work. All of our Council programs and initiatives support one or both of these key directions. The following actions have been identified as a priority and funds have been secured for their completion in 2019.

Key Direction 1: Inspire British Columbians to Take Action on Invasive Species  

ISCBC delivers innovative education and training programs, and engages people in collaborative initiatives aimed at reestablishing healthy landscapes and communities. 2019 Actions include:

  1. Coordinate Invasive Species Month and deliver a provincial Changing Behavior program.
  2. Deliver an enhanced online and digital media campaign for Clean Drain Dry as well as new resources and additional signage.
  3. Facilitate the Japanese Beetle Eradication program.
  4. Deliver education and awareness activities provincially, including new resources for indigenous youth and educators.
  5. Deliver the Gravel Pit program and skills development program in interior BC.
  6. Coordinate connections amongst local government invasive species managers.
  7. Maintain connections with indigenous communities across BC and promote the Indigenous Toolkit.
  8. Deliver a suite of online and in-person invasive species training to individuals and land managers across BC.
  9. Maintain and promote a provincial invasive species website for technical and educational resources.

Key Direction 2: Leading Through Partnerships

ISCBC builds partnerships and cultivates strong leaders to increase collaboration, influence relevant research, and provide timely messaging to help restore BC’s landscapes and communities to a state of health and vitality. 2019 Actions include:

  1. Strengthen key strategic relationships with partners, including formal arrangements with affiliates and partners.
  2. Promote the 2018-2022 Invasive Species Strategy for BC.
  3. Review the EDRR Committees terms of reference and ensure strong processes for 2019.
  4. Serve as Secretariat for the Canadian Council on Invasive Species, and as a mentor for other provincial Councils.
  5. Implement a comprehensive Communications Plan that supports fund development strategies, cultural and perspective diversity, member engagement and public outreach.
  6. Strengthen Council online profile and support partners - webinar series, website review, social media, list serves, online training, resources.
  7. Launch the new online research hub/network to link researchers and practitioners. Plan for the 2020 Research Forum.
  8. Work with industry to develop invasive wise recognition programs, such as the boating industry, marinas and hotels.

2019 Wish List

Additional actions have been identified as priority actions, and the ISCBC is seeking funds for their delivery in 2019+. These actions form the 2019+ ‘wish list’ and currently include:

  1. Deliver an expanded Changing Behaviour program with new resources and enhanced programming for Buy Local Burn Local, Don’t Let It Loose and PlantWise.
  2. Enhance and populate the online research hub.
  3. Repackage and promote existing industry training sessions and tools; seek professional credits where applicable. Deliver training to Park Operators in at least 2 new regions.
  4. Deliver the skills development program in a new region of the province.
  5. Deliver a youth volunteer program in at least 2 regions and expand the Invasives in the Classroom/Community to additional regions.
  6. Provide enhanced outreach and support to Indigenous communities through the extension of the Indigenous Toolkit.

Let us Know What You Think!

Complete the survey online to provide your input on the Council’s 2019 Wish List. The Council will review all survey input and aim to address new wish list items based on funding. Surveys must be completed by February 28th, 2019. Thank you in advance for your input.

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